HouseScan's Mission

With our unique inspection methodology and unparalleled experience, we concentrate on delivering new build buyers with the quality and attention to detail you were promised and expected in your new home.

New Build Snagging Experts

About HouseScan


Since 2016,
Operating throughout the entirety of the UK

Demand for new build homes is at an all-time high, this means quality can often take a back seat. As new build snagging experts, we use our knowledge, expertise and equipment to ensure your new home is everything you dreamt it would be.

We have been employed by hundreds of customers buying new build homes from a wide range of different house builders. Not only does this mean we know exactly what to look for but we also know all the tricks of the trade and the ways that house builders can often try and cut corners.

Our eye for attention to detail puts the confidence and purchaser power back in your hands. Our snag list is really a small price to pay for your perfect property.

We only employ people with hands-on experience in constructing new build homes. This is to ensure our inspectors know exactly what snagging is and what they’re looking for. Having an expert who operates with specialist equipment and a trained eye allows for a quality and industry-leading professional snagging report.

Over 10,000 inspections completed across the UK

All of our team have hands-on experience managing the construction and inspection of new build homes. To be a professional snagger at HouseScan you must have at least one of the following:

Our Journey to Becoming

The UK's No.1 Professional Snagging Company

Ensure your home is built to the quality you were promised

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A Gap in the Industry

With a family background in construction, our director had first hand experience on the ways in which the entire build process was failing buyers when it came to ensuring build quality.


HouseScan Begins

HouseScan starts offering professional snagging inspections to new build sites, first with a single inspector before beginning to recruit and train inspectors all over the country with its bespoke methodology.


Nationwide Coverage

With the number of inspectors continuing to grow, HouseScan starts operating in Scotland, now covering the whole of the UK with inspectors already servicing England and Wales.


BuildScan Launches

Our in-house inspection and reporting software, BuildScan, launches for public use - allowing builders, inspectors and new build buyers to streamline the snagging, defect management and remedial process.


Market Leaders

HouseScan remains the UK's best reviewed professional snagging service, with inspectors across the whole of the UK. We're also the sole snagging representative on the NHQB, with a direct hand in drafting the Pre-Completion Inspection.