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Welcome to HouseScan Pal, your interactive snagging inspection co-pilot. With our intuitive app, navigate each checkpoint, documenting defects with media, at your pace.

Embrace your new build journey with confidence as HouseScan Pal saves time and money. You’re not alone. A professional reviews your report, providing feedback and answers to any queries.

We also offer a video call for any concerns. Think of HouseScan Pal as your new build snagging co-pilot, ensuring a thorough, easy, efficient inspection process, always guiding.

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Our Process

Embark on your journey with your HouseScan Pal by simply making your purchase here. In just a few clicks, you open the door to a world of convenience and self-sufficiency, once we’ve checked your details we’ll send you all the instructions to get you started on the app. Let's walk you through the four simple steps.

Conduct Your Inspection

HouseScan Pal is designed to lead you through each phase of the assessment process with an intuitive and collaborative checklist interface. From decoration through to technical requirements, grounds, garages and more we’ve got you covered.

Receive A.I Assistance

You'll gain access to our reliable and secure AI chatbot, which offers insights into warranty provider standards and provides guidance for home buyers embarking on their new build journey.

Submit for Professional Review

Once your inspection is complete, generate your report and submit through the app for a final professional review. Our team will meticulously go over every detail of your report to ensure that nothing crucial has been overlooked or you’re not going to be put on the back foot with your builder. We’ll even help reference building standards where relevant.

Receive Your HouseScan Inspector Consultation

Our experienced professionals are ready and waiting to resolve any questions or concerns you may have. Following their review of your inspection report, you will provided with a 30-minute consultation at a convenient time, offering insightful advice based on their extensive expertise. With HouseScan Pal, you are always in capable hands.


HouseScan Pal Features

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  • Get started with our AI-Driven Checklist for comprehensive self-inspection. This tool grants you ongoing access to a thorough and intuitive process, guiding you through every step.
  • Benefit from a One-Time Detailed Review of your AI-Driven Inspection report by a professional, ensuring every detail of your assessment is up to the mark.
  • Leverage our 30-Minute Consultation Call for personalized advice and guidance, helping you understand your inspection results better.
  • Take advantage of Pre-Move Support and Advice with our pre-written expert guidance, helping you transition smoothly to your new home keeping you always on the front foot.
  • Receive a 10% Discount on any Professional inspections required, offering you great value and peace of mind.
"I was one of the first customers for HouseScan Pal, I found it a really simple process that took all of the stress away from me. I had the professional review completed in a couple of days and the follow up call was really helpful once we’d spoken with the builder about any feedback and works they were going to do."
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Steven Woods
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