The Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist has been released by the New Homes Quality Board and can be booked through HouseScan.

It is available to those purchasing a new home from participating builders and is completed by qualified professionals through the BuildScan snagging app.

HouseScan’s founder, Harry Yates, contributed to the creation of the checklist and we’ve now implemented this in full to our service offering.

Read our FAQs about the Pre-Completion Inspection below

What is the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist is a service for those buying a new build home in the UK to ensure their home is of high quality and functional prior to them moving in. It includes general points and information to check that basic, mostly cosmetic, aspects of the home are complete before the purchase is finalised.

Who can complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The NHQB state, the person purchasing a new build home can hire a suitably qualified professional to complete the inspection on their behalf. Although it is the right of the homebuyer to have the inspection completed or not, it is at the builders discretion if the customer is able to do this themselves, although currently this is against the advice of the NHQB.

When should the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist be completed?

The NHQB Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist should be completed between the exchange of contracts and the completion of the purchase. You should ensure your builder is activated on the New Homes Ombudsman service before booking with us.

Does the builder have to fix all the incomplete checkpoints prior to completing?

The NHQB has provided guidance that may be updated and should be checked on their website. At the time of writing, the builder must do their best to complete all incomplete points on the checklist. However, this may not always be possible. Any incomplete items must be clearly communicated to the customer before the purchase is finalized, along with an estimate of when they will be completed.

How much does it cost to complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist?

The cost of hiring HouseScan to complete the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist is based on the size of your property and the package you’re purchasing.

Is the Pre-Completion Inspection Checklist in replacement of a snagging inspection?

The short answer is not, the structured content of the PCI checklist covers only around 25% of the content of our full inspection that goes beyond the basic functional and cosmetic issues within the PCI checklist and our full snagging inspection looks more in-depth at the technical aspects of the property and our teams vast knowledge of home building, warranty standards and building regs.