What is a Snagging Survey?

New-build homes often have minor defects, also called snags, as a result of poor builder workmanship. A snagging survey checks for these issues in your new-build home so that the housebuilder can rectify these faults to ensure your new home is built to the high-quality standards that you expected and that you get the home you paid for.

When Should the Snagging Inspection be Carried Out?

A snagging survey should be carried out once building work is finished but before the legal completion and the exchanging of the contracts with the housebuilder. You will give your list of snags to the housebuilder and it is their responsibility to fix all of these issues before the sale is completed and you move in.

However, sometimes the developer does not allow the snag inspection to take place before building completion. If this is the case, you should book your survey as soon as possible after receiving the keys. You have a 2-year warranty after moving into your new home to have the snagging inspection carried out, and the developer is legally required to fix any issues with the property in this period.

How Much Does a Snagging Survey Cost?

Anyone buying a new-build property will benefit from a snagging survey. Snag inspections typically cost between £300 and £900, depending on the size of your new-build property. You are investing thousands into your new home, so this is a small price to pay for ensuring your home is exactly what you paid for.

A snag survey can spot major, expensive problems that your developer will have to rectify. Without a snagging survey, these issues may go unnoticed until after your warranty, after which they will become your responsibility to correct. This long-term cost saving makes a snag inspection the best investment you can make as part of the house buying process.

Who Should Perform the Snag Inspection?

Your snagging inspection should be performed by a professional snagging surveyor company such as HouseScan. Our unrivalled knowledge, experience, expertise, and equipment is indispensable when carrying out a thorough inspection of your property.

We specialise in new-build homes and have carried out thousands of surveys so we know exactly what to look for in your property and know what can go wrong and how builders can try to deceive new home buyers.

We provide industry-leading snag inspections using state-of-the-art equipment for accurate results and the most comprehensive, clear, and concise reports available.

HouseScan also offers a re-snag survey which makes sure all faults found on the snagging report have been rectified to a high standard.

What Issues will the Snagging Survey Inspect?

You snagging inspector will check your new-build home for cosmetic, structural, and technical faults. They will check for anything that has not been completed to specification, work that breaches building regulations, and anything that falls below good standards. This could be anything from damaged worktop finishes and poorly fitted appliances to doors that don’t close properly and leaking taps.

The snagging inspector will look at a range of areas in your property for problems, including:

  • Brickwork
  • Drains
  • Garden
  • Driveway
  • Garage
  • Roof
  • Garden
  • Plumbing compliance, safety, and leaks
  • Electrical compliance
  • Fire safety
  • Floor, wall, and ceiling levels
  • Loft and roof construction
  • Ducting connections
  • Carpentry
  • Decorative defects (paint, glazing, tiling, woodwork and plaster)
  • Cosmetic damage such as chips, scratches and cracks
  • Flooring performance analysis
  • Thermal imaging (heating, voids, bridging etc)

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