For 2 years after the completion date of your new build home, it is your housebuilder’s responsibility to fix any snags, as long as you submit your snagging list within this warranty period. Housebuilders must correct faults caused by their failure to meet the standards set by their warranty provider.

However, your builder may refuse to carry out the fixes as they may not agree with the snags or believe they are within the standards set by the warranty provider. Guidelines that housebuilders must work to can be subjective, which is when disputes arise as you may consider something a snag when a housebuilder does not.

Contact the builder to ask them to rectify the faults and give them a timeframe in which to rectify the snag. If they refuse, first try to resolve this dispute between yourselves. It is best to stay amicable and try to negotiate to get the builder to carry out the works. HouseScan can help you with a strategy if the builder is not being as proactive as they should be as well as help you to give the builder a push in the right direction.

If you still can’t resolve the issues between you, your warranty provider can offer a solution to resolve any differences. Before exchanging contracts, you should receive details of the warranty provided by the developer, how to deal with defects, guidance on how to make a claim, and the course of action needed.

The National House Building Council (NHBC) is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes. All builders who are members of this scheme have to meet the minimum standards to ensure they are building high-quality homes, this is called Building Control. If the home is not in accordance with NHBC requirements and the snag does not comply, the housebuilder must put it right.

If the builder refuses to fix the faults and the issue cannot be resolved, the NHBC provides a free resolution service to help with disputes about defects. This resolution service will help determine whether the builder has failed to meet technical requirements and if not, how they can meet them.

They will contact the builder asking them to resolve the dispute with you and complete the works. Builders often agree to carry out the work once the NHBC get involved. If they still don’t complete the work or resolve the dispute, the NHBC assess your case to determine whether their requirements were complied with when the home was built. A claims investigator may arrange a resolution meeting at your home with the builder to help you both reach an agreement.

The NHBC will then issue a report that details its recommendations and timescales for any works to be completed and if they are applicable. If the report finds that the builder did not comply with standards, the report sets out what must be rectified by the builder and when works must be completed by. If the report finds that the builder complied with the standards but you are not satisfied with this result, you can look at taking remedial action such as arbitration or court action.

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